Skip Prices Newcaste Upon Tyne – Maxi £250, Medi £160, Mini £130 including vat


Skip Prices Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead.

 Need to know the skip prices for Newcastle Upon Tyne or Gateshead? The skip prices for maxi, medi and mini skips are :

Maxi skip hire- £250 including vat

Medi skip hire- £160 including vat

Mini skip hire- £130 including vat

A lot of our competition don’t state the prices on the website as they are always try to out beat each other but as a customer you need to know what the prices are instead of ringing around and wasting your time when you could be doing something a lot funner.

So I hope those prices give you an idea of the skip prices for Newcastle Upon Tyne. You will find we are one of the cheapest skips Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Skips to be quite frank are not the most enjoyable items to purchase so I know from experience you would rather pay the cheapest amount as possible- so you are on a winner here.

Our skip prices for Newcastle Upon Tyne also include these areas for skip hire: Gateshead, Washinghton, Backworth, Ponteland, Westerhope, Benkwell, Heburn, Kilingworth, Cowgate and many more.

Skip Hire Permits In Newcastle Upon Tyne/Gateshead:

Don’t worry it is really simple. This is what you have to do:

1) Contact us at skip hire Newcastle Upon Tyne and let us know what skip size you need. If you are not sure what skip size you need don’t worry we will assist you with that.

2) We will give you the skip yard dimensions

3) If you measure the size out in your garden and you have space on your drive or garden great.  ( Majority of mini and medi skips fit on drives. If not go to step 4

4) Contact your local council for a skip permit to place your skip on the road. Please see the link:

Skip permit download. If you need any further assistance completing the form, call 01912 211 6181

5) Contact us back with your preferred date for the skip drop off

6) All sorted, you are now ready to remove your unwanted waste.

I hope this helps,

All you have to do now to get the ball rolling is call 01912 069203 for a cheap skip hire Newcastle Upon Tyne or Gateshead.